Speaker Announcement: Micah Wood

Ninja minifigure with faux eye-lasers.
We’ve asked Micah to leave his eye-lasers at home for WordCamp Raleigh. 
Image used under Creative Commons license courtesy of Gisela Giardino

We’ve all heard of those developers who refer to themselves as “ninjas.” Micah Wood actually is a ninja. You know: the kind of ninja who can subdue the bad guys and save the day.

This is not official, but I think he learned martial arts in the sewers of New York City under the tutelage of a large mutated rat sensei. Or maybe I’m getting my origin stories confused.

In addition to being a martial artist, Micah is a prolific developer, plugin author and CTO at NewClarity consulting, LLC.

Perhaps most significantly, Micah has generously shared his knowledge over the years as a speaker at WordCamps, meetups, and other conferences.

We’re excited to have Micah join us for WordCamp Raleigh in our developer track to share about advanced workflows including dependency management, task runners, automated testing, code review, multiple environments, build systems and automated deployments.

Come join us on October 10th and 11th. Get your ticket to WordCamp Raleigh today!

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