No-code Millionaire: Welcoming David Bentley to WordCamp Raleigh

David Bentley, speaking at WordCamp Raleigh 2015
David Bentley can teach you how to grow a business with your bare hands. And coffee, apparently.
One of the primary shifts which WordPress has helped to facilitate in the tech world over the past 10 years is taking “web design” from being code-heavy and the exclusive realm of coders to being something that creative folks (regardless of their level of code expertise) can build great sites, and the more entrepreneurial can even build businesses helping others with their sites.

One such self-described founder/creator is David Bentley. He transitioned from high risk security (not web security—the type of security with guns and Kevlar) to web design in 2009.

Come hear how he made the transition, and how you can build a web business without all the code, as David shares with our business track at WordCamp Raleigh this year.

Grab a ticket while they’re hot.

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