WordPress can build your Business: Welcoming Andrea Olson to WordCamp Raleigh

I’ve told you before how excited we are to be adding a business track to this year’s WordCamp. The speaker I’m introducing today is a fantastic example of why we’re excited.

If you’ve considered a WordPress site for your business, the staggering number of options and levels of complexity can be paralyzing. It would be so great to have someone walk you through how you can use WordPress to build a community of fans and customers. Let me rephrase that: It will be great when Andrea Olson walks you through that at WordCamp Raleigh 2015.

Tiny Undies Logo
You too can build a raving fanbase and an e-commerce site, without a massive budget.
Andrea has used WordPress to build her (poop-related) community at GoDiaperFree.com and the new tinyundies.com. Without a large marketing budget or a massive complex site, she’s developed raving fans!

Come hear how you can do the same, whether you build your business around poop or not. Get your ticket today!

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Ben Meredith

Organizer for WordCamp Raleigh, Ben is a the Senior Support Technician Give, the creator of the most popular Click To Tweet Pluginon the WordPress repository, a husband, a dad of boys, and in the 80th percentile for height in America.