Worth a Thousand Words (But Not if They Don’t Load): Welcoming Peter Baylies

This is a gif of the loading icon, because I am a cruel person.
Can you believe the face this guy is making? Wait for it…
Ever clicked on a post on your site and watched the image load seemingly pixel-by-pixel? Slow-loading sites are brutal—not just for readers, but for servers, search engines, and everyone else.

Images are important, everyone agrees. They drive engagement and pageviews, and are cuddly and warm. But given that they can be a significant drain on server resources and bring your web host to its knees when done incorrectly, it is worth getting images right.

We’ve invited Peter Baylies, a WordPress developer at Chapel Hill’s Rivers Agency, to come and untangle the knots that we tend to tie ourselves in dealing with images.

Learn best practices, optimizing images, and how to keep readers, servers, and search engines happy with the images on your site. Grab a ticket today.

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