What A Beginner Needs to Know: Welcoming Dylan Ryan

Fail written in white on red.
It’s OK. No really, it is.
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When you are just starting out with WordPress, whether it’s as a developer or as a blogger or as a tinkerer, there are important things to learn. But before all the learning, there’s a mindset that will serve you well: It’s OK to fail.

While it’s a nice thing to print on a coffee mug or a motivational poster, “It’s OK to fail” is much more difficult to actually live out in the real world. I’d go so far as to call it impossible without a community. We need someone to rally us and both show us and tell us that it’s OK to fail, to launch projects which go nowhere, and to have wildly unsuccessful products, websites, and blog posts.

There’s no better forum than WordCamp for this type of “Freedom To Fail” environment. This year at WordCamp Raleigh we’re thrilled to have Dylan Ryan come and share from his experience how starting with a “fail first” mentality is the key for success.

Dylan is a Senior at NCSU, and when he’s not busy passing classes he works for WP Valet as a support rep. He’s also released both successful and unsuccessful plugins on the WordPress repository.

Do you feel like you’re doing something wrong with WordPress? First, join the club, and then grab your ticket to come and be encouraged by Dylan.

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Ben Meredith

Organizer for WordCamp Raleigh, Ben is a the Senior Support Technician Give, the creator of the most popular Click To Tweet Pluginon the WordPress repository, a husband, a dad of boys, and in the 80th percentile for height in America.