Building a Plugin: The Best Way to Smoke That Particular Brisket

beef brisket on a smoker
Learn to Make a Respectable Brisket Plugin at WordCamp Raleigh
Image courtesy Ryan Duff
When you want a good smoked brisket, do you cruise down the Lowes Foods aisle looking for a pre-cooked, vacuum-packed, Arby’s-brand ArBrisket™, or do you go with the recommendation of an expert?

Well, it depends on the type of party you want throw.

If this is a late-night just-you Netflix marathon, the ArBrisket™ might be OK. Nobody will judge you*.

If you’re planning on inviting a bunch of friends over, it might be worth figuring out how to smoke a respectable brisket.

But we are talking about WordPress plugins, right?

When it comes to building a WordPress plugin, there’s a way you should do it, depending on what type of plugin you are trying to write.

Writing a just-for-you-Arbrisket™ plugin is simple. Writing a good plugin is a bit of an art. There’s a “WordPressy” way of doing things that a new developer (or a developer more familiar with other platforms and languages) would do well to learn, especially if the plugin is being written for mass consumption on GitHub or the repository.

It’s a good thing we’ve got Ryan Duff coming to help us learn exactly that. Coincidentally, if you want to stick around after the session, he’s also pretty well-versed in Brisketology, as well.

Come learn from the grill-master how to do things the right way when coding your plugin.

Get a ticket today, before they sell out.

*Ryan will actually probably judge you.

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