What’s a Beginner to do: Choosing the right theme for WordPress

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Choosing a theme can have some hidden barbs. Don’t let that stop you: get a guide!
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If you are just getting into the WordPress game, you might not know this: every theme is not created equal.

I’m not trying to scare you, but let me propose a hypothetical situation (which I guarantee will sound familiar to our power users and developers):

  1. Find a theme that looks great.
  2. Install (or worse, purchase) and activate the new theme.
  3. Spend days or weeks tweaking the settings, learning the theme, and getting things situated in a way that looks (sorta) like the demo you were initially attracted to.
  4. Immediately find a theme you like slightly better which promises to be “easy to set up,” and start again at step 2.

What if you had someone to walk you through how to pick the right theme the first time around, and could steer you around pitfalls common to popular themes.

Well, if you’ve got a ticket to WordCamp Raleigh this year, we’re bringing in a coach for exactly that purpose. We are excited to welcome back Kelly Phillips to this year’s conference.

Kelly makes it her business to help beginners and business owners pick the right theme and plugins to reach their website goals. She’ll be speaking to our beginners track this year.

Grab your ticket today!

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