Learning Curve, Meet Your Match: Welcoming Corey Freeman to #WCRaleigh

Meet the Professor.
Meet the Professor.

I’ve already told you about the ninjas we have speaking at WordCamp Raleigh 2015.

Now I’d like you to meet our comedienne, Corey Freeman.

In addition to being funny, she’s a teacher. Specifically, she teaches people how to use WordPress to build their own site.

Here’s the lead-in from Corey’s site, headway101.com:

Every successful business and entrepreneur needs a website, and creating websites isn’t as easy as ordering pizza. But Headway Themes can drastically cut website development time and save you thousands of dollars in custom design & development fees. But first, you have to learn how to use it.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices when you first set out to build a DIY site with WordPress.

Come and laugh with Corey as she teaches you how to build a site on the Headway theme for WordPress. This talk will be on our beginners track.

Get your ticket today!

Thank you to WPML our Splendid Sponsor sponsor

Great sponsors make great WordCamps possible, and we feel lucky to be sponsored by WPML as part of the community sponsorship program.

WPML turns WordPress websites multilingual. It works with caching, SEO and E-Commerce plugins, and allows the building of complete multilingual sites. Thank you to everyone who makes WPML for helping us make our WordCamp excellent.

Speaker Announcement: Micah Wood

Ninja minifigure with faux eye-lasers.
We’ve asked Micah to leave his eye-lasers at home for WordCamp Raleigh. 
Image used under Creative Commons license courtesy of Gisela Giardino

We’ve all heard of those developers who refer to themselves as “ninjas.” Micah Wood actually is a ninja. You know: the kind of ninja who can subdue the bad guys and save the day.

This is not official, but I think he learned martial arts in the sewers of New York City under the tutelage of a large mutated rat sensei. Or maybe I’m getting my origin stories confused.

In addition to being a martial artist, Micah is a prolific developer, plugin author and CTO at NewClarity consulting, LLC.

Perhaps most significantly, Micah has generously shared his knowledge over the years as a speaker at WordCamps, meetups, and other conferences.

We’re excited to have Micah join us for WordCamp Raleigh in our developer track to share about advanced workflows including dependency management, task runners, automated testing, code review, multiple environments, build systems and automated deployments.

Come join us on October 10th and 11th. Get your ticket to WordCamp Raleigh today!

Speaker Announcement: Frank Corso

Sometimes when I’m looking for how to introduce someone, I have trouble finding the words, so I’ll let Frank Corso’s plugin users speak on his behalf:

What really impressed me was that today I had an issue with the latest upgrade. I cannot believe how quickly the plugin author replied and helped. I expect that sort of quick response from a corporate, but not from a very small business! Magical stuff. Thank you Frank.


I am still discovering a lot of things that I can do with it, and every new possibility seems to impress me more. Thank you Frank Corso for this wonderful plugin.


Great plugin which is very easy to use. Always helpful answers from Frank if you need them. Great support.


…and there are hundreds more just like those! One of the highlights of using WordPress is coming across developers who pour their heart and soul into their work. That’s clear about Frank from just a brief perusal of the reviews and support forums for his plugins!

We are excited to have Frank come to WordCamp Raleigh to teach us how to grow products from a handful of users to 4-digit user bases. He’ll teach us from experience how we can grow our theme, plugin, or other product beyond a small user base.

His session is going to be on our business track.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket today!

Thank you to GoDaddy our Superb Sponsor sponsor

A huge thanks to GoDaddy for all of their support in making our event the fantastic WordCamp that it is! We are counting down the days, and looking forward to seeing you all there.

Podcasting with WordPress: Calvin Powers

I have discovered a much better way to write speaker introduction blog posts for WordCamp Raleigh 2015: while listening to the great Americana Music Show podcast. (though I keep having to take breaks to bob my head during the guitar solos)

cropped-magazine-pro-380x90Calvin Powers, the host of the show, is joining us at WordCamp Raleigh this year, to share his wisdom on how WordPress can be used as a podcasting platform. More than just hosting the actual content, the WordPress site forms the marketing funnel driving listeners to subscribe, and interact with the show.

We’ve all heard “WordPress is more than a blog platform” and Calvin is proving that by using it for the podcast.

So join me in bobbing your head to the tunes over at Calvin’s show and then come learn how you can pull off something similar by getting your ticket to WordCamp Raleigh 2015!

Speaker Announcement: Lisa Linn Allen

Pi Sculpture from the SAS campus in Cary NC
From the SAS Campus in Cary
Image licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 License by chucka_nc

Have you ever thought about how WordPress could be used to power a massive corporate intranet? Lisa Linn Allen has. As the Vice underlord of the PHP dungeon intranet team lead at SAS here in the Triangle, she’s thought about it more than you, most likely.

We are excited to have Lisa join our developer track at WordCamp Raleigh 2015 to talk through the intricacies of how SAS uses WordPress for exactly that.

On the docket for her talk is how they built the underlying infrastructure to manage those multiple WordPress installations powering the intranet. Developers will learn the key pain points and takeaways for building that system.

What are you waiting on? Get your ticket today!

Speaker Announcement: Steve Mortiboy

steve-mortiboy-300x300We are excited to begin announcing our speakers for WordCamp Raleigh 2015! First up is Steve Mortiboy. Steve has been helping organize WordCamp Raleigh for several years now, and is excited to be kicking off our inaugural year of having a business track.

Our goal with this track is to help business owners expand their toolset and understanding with regards to web technology (generally) and WordPress (specifically).

Steve comes to us with a unique position as someone who meets with businesses on a weekly basis to explain and demystify the web. His session this year on SEO for Business Owners: Understanding the complex world of Google search results is a great opportunity to hear how you can take proactive steps with your business and the web.

As the conference nears, we’ll post the schedule. We look forward to seeing you at WordCamp!

Tickets for WordCamp Raleigh are now on sale!

Are you looking forward to attending WordCamp Raleigh? Can’t wait to get your ticket.

You can now go ahead and register for this one and a half day conference on our website at https://2015.raleigh.wordcamp.org/tickets/.

Tickets are just $35 and get you access to four tracks with over 24 speakers as well as a t-shirt, lunch on Saturday and plenty of coffee and snacks both Saturday and Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you at WordCamp Raleigh on October 10th and 11th!

Welcome to WordCamp Raleigh 2015

We are pleased to announce the dates and location for WordCamp Raleigh 2015.

This year WordCamp Raleigh will be held on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October. WordCamp Raleigh will be held at the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University on Centennial Campus. We are very pleased to be returning to North Carolina State University and their state of the art Centennial Campus. It was the perfect location for last year’s WordCamp Raleigh and we hope this year will be even better.

Over the coming weeks the organizers will be working hard to create a schedule packed with great sessions from some incredibly knowledgeable presenters from the world of WordPress. We’ll post announcements about the schedule as we have them so hang in there!

Check back regularly for more information and we’ll see you in October.