Jen Riehle McFarland

Jen Riehle McFarlandJen loves WordPress. She works for NCSU’s central IT group to provide web services for campus, which often come in WordPress form. She has been involved in several conferences, including helping out with past WordCamps and trying to develop new WordPress events for K-12 and higher ed specifically. She’s proud geek chick and beer fan.

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WordCamp Session:

Making WordPress Work for Education

Session Description:

This is primarily to recap (and localize!) the ongoing national discussion about developing a “WordCamp-like” event specifically for higher ed and K-12. There’s a group focused now on trying to make this a possibility, ideally with both national and regional events.

I’ll also be recapping whatever I learn related to WordCamp at the HighEdWeb conference in Wisconsin, which takes place the week before WordCamp this year. So it’ll be pretty free-form but will provide information of interest and a starting point for conversation for those interested in WordPress and education.




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