Lisa Arrington

Lisa Arrington, speaker at WordCamp RaleighLisa is an Internet Marketing Manager at award-winning Raleigh agency, TheeDesign, where she helps clients (with WordPress sites) solve business problems through digital marketing solutions – SEO, social media, content marketing, inbound… The works.

Ever since buying her first domain in 2001, Lisa has been working with websites. In her professional life, she lends her coding skills and knowledge of marketing to companies ranging from a $1 billion dollar tech company to local mom ‘n pop shops.

WordCamp Session:

How to use WordPress to sell: Strategically aligning your website to the user

Session Description:

The main purpose of your website is to attract, engage, and convert! Whether a B2B tech company or B2C retailer, in the online realm, your website is essentially your sales person and must be optimized for both the search engines and your audience. So how do you use WordPress to help your website drive more business?

In this session, we’ll cover things like:

  • Using your website to speak to your audience’s pains and eliminate buyer objections, while clearly articulating your value proposition.
  • Tying in areas like social media, content marketing, and UI elements.
  • Measuring success – interpreting the data to figure out what to do next.

In B2C, 95% of consumers go online to begin the buying process. And in B2B, a prospect has already gone through 50-70% of the buyer journey before ever making contact with a sales rep. These stats make it easy to see how neglecting to align the logistics, content, and configuration of your WordPress site could translate into lost revenue.




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